What is ContentBazar?

Do you dream to be a next youtube sensation or a social media influencer with a fan base in millions and cash in millions too? You have creative and out-of-the-box ideas but are awed by the hassles in digital production? ContentBazar is a resource hub for all creators to help them produce great content in minimum budget! If you are a Youtuber or digital wannabe influencer, ContentBazar can help you achieve your dreams with state of the art production facilities. Some of the facilities that ContentBazar offer include studios, recording, video editing, creative services, script writing, voice overs, stock visuals, animations, graphics, reporters, anchors, program hosts, comedy writers, pranksters, experts and other resources needed to produce quality content. ContentBazar provides opportunities to creative individuals to sell and showcase their talent to the world.

Resource Hub Network:

ContentBazar is initially setting up resource hubs - both online and physical - in major cities of the country with the pilot project launched in Lahore. The resource hub will house all facilities that can help creators turn their dream projects into a reality that can appeal to millions of viewers locally and internationally. The resource hub network will be expanded to districts so that creators in small towns and villages have access to the best production facilities at their doorstep.

Participation Level:

ContentBazar has opportunities for all skilled and fresh talented individuals who can contribute in producing quality content. We believe in Creating Together and Achieving Together Why ContentBazar? As we all are seeing the downfall of mainstream media in Pakistan and elsewhere and advertisement revenues are shifting swiftly from broadcast and print to online and digital media. Many have tried their luck in creating digital content all alone but very few have succeeded because creating quality content requires professionals and talented individuals to work together. At ContentBazar, we are teaming up our members to come forward and contribute their skills to produce quality, positive and entertaining content. We are opening online registrations very soon. So stay tuned and start thinking of what you can do to create impressive and quality content.